I am a PhD candidate in the graduate group of Epidemiology. I’m just starting on creating this site to keep track of things like R code snippets, etc that help me with my PhD project and beyond. My background is that of a Veterinarian, though I am keen on amalgamating my Veterinary and Epidemiology knowledge with programming…so please bear with me as I find my way in this world of github, jekyll, programming, and contributing positively to this planet!

As of now, I am working on spatial analyses of infectious agents, and developing tools to help my research group manipulate project data.

I will update this site incrementally, so that I can balance it with my ongoing PhD work.

This site was started as a clone from Florian Schneider’s Jekyll-lablog.

Oh, and I love horses. They’re what got me started on my Veterinary path. However, these days I find myself behind a laptop rather than on a horse. Which is fine…because I love this work as well!